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We provide the latest hosting technology and resources required for the most efficient and secure operation of your website. As your hosting, XiRho Interactive is responsible for keeping the server up and running smoothly, implementing hosting security measures, and ensuring that data are transferred successfully to the visitors’ browsers. Your data's safety is our highest priority, so it will be guaranteed.


As our commitment to providing our clients with the easiest, least complicated phases of getting your site online, we curate the best software option for your digital activity. So you can grow your business to the biggest scale. It is also important to recheck that the software you use from us is able to provide you with reliable uptime and the fastest page loading. 24/7 assistance is the additional service we believe our clients deserve.

Game Server Rentals

XiRho Interactive hosts the server-side copy of a game. This allows players from different locations to connect to the hosted server to play together in the same virtual world. You can play with your brother, nephew, or uncle, from anywhere to collaborate or compete. Never let distance separate you all ever again.

All Plans Include

Reliable Hardware

We ensure that every hardware we provide can perform its function for the maximum time to support running your website.

24/7 Customer Care

Day and night, you can rely on our team for any issue or inconvenience. Our customer care is reachable 24/7 to solve your problem as soon as we can.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) secures your website to protect important customer data from any risk or even cybercriminals.

99.9% Up Time Guarantee

Realistically, a network issue at the data center might cause downtime. Our team will cover the risk and provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Multiple Datacenters

We try to reduce the risk of data loss and natural disasters such as power outages, which is why we create multiple data centers to prepare the disaster recovery and redundancy.

Daily Data Back Up

Every data of our clients is most important, and we do daily data backups to keep those files secure from data loss. With our multiple datacenters, every file is safe and secure.

Our Services

Shared Hosting

XiRho Interactive provides Shared Hosting services where we allow multiple websites to tap into a single server so you can start with the lowest cost. Each user is not detectable, our client's privacy is our main concern. Available both in Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. It costs you a minimal rate with all the features that are needed.

Linux Hosting

For those who run blogs, e-commerce, or wikis, Linux Hosting can be very simple to access. XiRho Interactive provides customization tools that don't require complicated skills to operate. We are also will be available for technical support. We'll ensure the website runs smoothly and stable, with the fastest connection.

Windows Hosting

Are you a developer? XiRho Interactive often suggests a developer go for Windows Hosting since it's been used by many corporations and with your corporate background, you might also used to the technical system. With the core strength of .NET, ASP.NET, and MS-SQL. We specifically optimized the core strenght to give seamless performance and security.

Managed Wordpress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that allows us to build and host a website, and XiRho Interactive also can assist you in this area. Even though WordPress is fairly easy to maintain, there are still some details that you might want us to take care of. We specifically optimized your WordPress site to give seamless performance and security.

Dedicated Webhosting

Most of our established clients choose Dedicated web hosting because they will have total control over an entire server dedicated to their website. It means we ensure maximum speed, reliability, security, and also responsiveness. Businesses with high-traffic websites or running resource-intensive apps or plugins are always suggested to choose this service for convenience reasons.

Game Server Rental (Coming Soon)

Looking for the best game server with the fastest connection and various game options to play? Rent it on XiRho Interactive. On our game list, you will find dozens of the latest best-seller games to play. Game Servers Rental from XiRho Interactive allows you to change the game anytime immediately and also play it with anyone around the world at the same time, without having to install and maintain the hardware yourself.

Our Excellence

Multi Discipline Company

Our specification is almost unlimited. Once you book your website address, we can also take over your content management. From web design to copywriting. We offer a special price for a whole package purchase.

Loyalty Rewards

As our commitment to providing the best services, we give loyalty rewards to our clients who use our services for some period of time.

Technical Experts

Our technicians have years of experience in IT and website performance. Their extensive knowledge of recent updates in the technology industry will give you the best services you deserve.

Expanding Company

We constantly expand bigger and higher, on a worldwide scale, focusing on growth stability. We also provide services in our client's main language their native customer supports.

Quality Services

For us, quality services mean everything. Your experience with us matters the most. We receive any insight to improve our quality services and apply them for better performance.

World Wide Service

Time and distance won't limit our connection. Our services are available worldwide and reachable 24/7.

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Trust our team of experts to help you build your online presence through several efficient steps that save you in cost, time, and security. Our procedure is the least complicated, provided by 24-7 customer support, and focuses on the growth of your business scale. Fill up the form below and expect some better changes in your digital activity.

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